Help me decide?

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  1. Hi ladies,

    I can not decide ...

    I need a party bag. And I mean more a bag that fits the girl dinner, drinks out. Not clubbing so much any more.;)

    I have looked at the TB Reva clutch and think it's beautiful. But the big gold logo makes me a little unsure. Is it a bit too much? And the leather is a little shiny. I have find pics were this model dont have the gold logo just printed logo. But I havent been able to find it here in Sweden. .

    Also looked at TB Bombe clutch. It feels classic and I could use it as a everyday bag also.. But it might be a little too big as party clutch?

    It also looked at TB Amanda logo clutch but not seen it in real life. However, I am a tall girl and think it may be too small.

    And now the last one, I promise ...;) Or should I buy a marc jacobs classic q wristlet bag:confused1:

    Would be grateful for some good advice as I have a 40 year birthday celebration coming up soon and I can not decide.

  2. I go out often and prefer a wristlet. I have my phone, cc, cash and lipgloss in there. It just seems easier for me. Out of the TB products you mentioned I do like the Reva clutch. I use a crossbody one because I prefer the smaller emblem. This is what I have -
  3. I love the Reva clutch - big logo and all!
  4. The Reva clutch is sophisticated. The logo is only but a portion of its gorgeous totality.

    Go for it! :smile:
  5. I have the black Reva with the big gold logo-- I think it is amazingly sophisticated with a great look! It's got great style-- it will look beautiful on you! Go for it!

  6. Either the Reva or the Amanda is a great party bag, actually the Amanda is a nice size, check out the measurements.