Help me decide!

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  1. What should I get!? I'm deciding between a mono canvas neverfull or a mono canvas delightful gm. Also thinking about a speedy 25 in azur or a speedy 30 in mono (both with the cross body strap).
  2. Delightful! (Or Sully) :smile: Mostly due to the straps of the Neverfull. :smile: But it depends on how you will use it of course... :smile:
  3. Neverfull & Speedy30.

  4. +1...the classics
  5. Delightful and Speedy 30
  6. Azur Neverfull MM and Mono Speedy B 30.
  7. Def Delightful & Speedy.
  8. Delightful & Speedy 30 :smile:
  9. +1
  10. +2
  11. Ok, I think I've decided on a speedy mono but 25 or 30? I've poured over pictures and the sizes look different in every photo! I will be using the cross body strap. Any thoughts?
  12. Most people prefer 30 but I carry so less that I got the 25 in azur. You should consider the delightful and sully too. Delightful gm is no longer available in the store (discontinued). I would advice you to go to the store to pick out the style/ size. Looking at pictures not always helpful.
  13. Neverfull and speedy 30!
  14. Ok. I did it. I ordered the mono speedy b 30! Still deciding on delightful or neverfull. Thanks for the advice everyone!