HELP me decide

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  1. I have a chance to get a Purse which I REALLY want. The color to choose from are black, truffle, blue roi, sapin or rouge vif. I have a black City, grenat PatTime, truffle shoulder(that I want to sell), blue roi makeup(coming) and a marron Weekender. What color Purse do you think I should get. I don't know if I should get a black one so I can use it when I dress up or not get it since i already have a black City. PLEASE HELP!
  2. Well~ since you have black and truffle already~ you may want to decide btwn blue rou, sapin and rouge vif. I would choose rouge vif.
  3. Pretty sure everyone is going to vote for Rouge Vif :p

    I say rouge, blueberry or truffle (if you are going to sell the shoulder)
  4. Blueberry definitely to go with that makeup! A blueberry purse would be gorgeous!
  5. I know everyone likes the rouge vif but I don't look good in bright red. The brightest I think I can go is the grenat.
  6. Rouge Vif. It seems to be THE color of the fall 06 season, and I hear it's much nicer IRL than in pics - I've only seen small leather goods in it, and the color is beautiful. However, if you're not a red kinda gal, maybe you should go with black or blueberry - you can never have too much black ;)
  7. It has to be Rouge Vif or Blueberry!!
  8. Blue roi!
  9. Sapin:love: ....but Blueberry is good too.

  10. Blueberry or Sapin~~
  11. I would vote first for Rouge VIF but if you don't like that then, blueberry. BUT, if you do not feel like you would get use out of that because of the color, maybe you should pick black.
  12. Blue rpi purse...beautiful color
    purse blueberry.JPG
  13. I have a black twiggy. Since the Black color is soo versatile, I also bought a black city and a black first. they are totally different bags. Black is so versatile or anything in dark colors.
  14. My vote is for Sapin. It's such a lovely colour IRL:yes:
  15. rough vif!