Help me decide...

  1. I love the shoulder tote bags, and I have the signature w/ white leather from last summer. I carried it constantly, and want to get a more "year round" color. Which one? I must add, I do have a black/white mini sig ergo from aeons ago. My most worn winter coat is black, but I do have a light blue wool one, and a casual brown Gap one.

    I can't decide....:confused1:
    coach2.jpg coach3.jpg
  2. Love the bal~!

    Hmmm... side by side - I would pick the khaki combo, just because it looks more... put together? I dunno - I just like it better. But if you wear alot of black?.....
  3. Hm, I do wear a lot of black, but I have a basic black leather bag. I've always like the black/white Coach signature, but wondering if I should "venture out" and try something new???? do you think the khaki combo is more casual? Because I don't really have a casual bag???
  4. I like the khaki color better for that style but if you use the black more, I'd get that.
  5. khaki best.
  6. that is a nice bag! I had to go search for it online (might get the white one for myself!)

    I vote for the brown...not a huge fan of the black/white

    (man I would like that in gold...)
  7. I have last year's white one and it is awesome!

    Thanks guys, I was leaning toward the khaki and you pushed me over the edge!
  8. the brown looks richer.
  9. khaki, i am not really a fan of any of the black signature stripe stuff.
  10. I like the khaki!
  11. I also like the khaki better!
  12. khaki
  13. black better than the khaki because i have a khaki coach and when it gets dirty it is very noticable