Help me decide...

  1. Epi Pochette Accessories
    Red or Black ???
  2. Red.
  3. Ooh I agree..the red is so pretty.
  4. I couldn't decide between red and black, so I bought damier instead. :smile:

    The red is very pretty and showy, but the black would be more practical (for me, anyway).
  5. I like red.
  6. Red! I like both though. Haha :p
  7. Black ! You can't go wrong with a classic. :yes:
  8. red. i have a red epi agenda i just bought.
  9. Red if you are using it mainly for as an accessory beautiful accent color. Black if you are deciding to on multiple use as an evening bag or everyday small purse.
  10. I ordered the Red one from Eluxury. I know I would get more use out of it if it were Black but I like it better in Red. Thanks for your help!
  11. red.. gorgeaus color!
  12. If it were I, I would choose red. It best matches my personality.
  13. is hot right now but black goes with anything. This is a toughy. I have to go with black.
  14. is such a pretty shade of the color.
  15. Black! My decision this summer was red or black, bought red, used it 3 times since. I would have used the black a lot more! :shame: