Help Me Decide! =)

  1. I would pick the YSL because you can wear it with more things
  2. Tough choice! I'm more of a closed-toe girl in general, so I would opt for the CLs, but it depends, do you need these for all year round or just for spring/summer?
  3. I'd go for the tributes. Definitely the most comfortable shoes I own and they look great with pretty much anything.
  4. I have pair of tributes and I love them (they will go with tons) so I vote for the tributes!
  5. Either one wouldn't really be year round. Just itching for a diverse pair of shoes. Only high end shoes I have are Loubies, so I thought some comfy YSL's would be nice. But then I saw the leopard print. I've been wanting Leopard for a while.
  6. I think if you've been waiting for leopard for a long time, you should go for the leopard. There is nothing more frustrating than realising you've missed the chance to buy a CL that you really's happened to me twice, and I still kick myself every time I think about it. Such regret!! :crybaby:

    Also, this is just a matter of personal preference, but I find the platform size on the tributes a little too much. But then, I'm generally not that keen on platforms unless they're very subtle.
  7. I vote for the Tributes! The Loubies are beautiful but I think the Tributes are more versatile and classic. There will always be a great animal print shoe regardless of brand. There's only one nude Tribute.
  8. Hmmm ysl
    Cuz I don't like CL's thin heels like that
  9. im going for YSL. More useful. You can't wear leopard with everything

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  10. I am not fan of monsieur Louboutin but in this case, I would go for the leopard. They will kick up your outfits a notch (or ten). I am truly fed up with the nude thing, if the YSL were available in another color, they might be a good choice. Do you need to buy right this moment? If you are in doubt better sit on it for a bit.
  11. Leopard
  12. Leopard for me as well. It will be a statement for any outfit.
  13. Tributes! My favorite shoes ever! So comfy, versatile, and gorgeous!
  14. tributes. more versatile and more useful.