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  1. Hi! So, here's my dilemma. I want a small bag in a bright color that I can wear all year. I've narrowed it down to red or purple, but I think I am leaning towards purple. I have a black mac clutch that I love. I also have a black flirty that I love, but sometimes feel it's a little too small. (I mainly use it for going out) I also have a blue lizard mini mac that is fun for a pop of color with certain outfits. I want something I can use everyday (will be larger enough to hold essentials), but also wear out and not feel that it's too big. I am debating between a mac bombe, the mini mac and the rumor

    #1 mac bombe here

    #2 mini mac here

    #3 rumor bag here

    Thanks in advance everybody!! :smile:
  2. I think for your needs the Mac bombe is the best option. Plus the color is fab. I feel like the others, while fabulous as well, seem like they may be too small for what it sounds like you're wanting.
  3. All nice bags, but i prefer also the mac bombe!! The other onces are so small; i think the best choice for you is the mac bombe.
  4. Thanks ladies!! Do you like the viola solid leather or the lizard??
  5. I personally like the solid better- but I'm not really into lizard print. It just looks more refined to me in the solid.
  6. the rumor is such a cutie!! but if u want something larger for everyday then mac bombe gets my vote!! i love that violet lizard embossing!!! you'll have to let us know which u decide to go with and please share pics!!
  7. I have a Tory Burch bag in similar size and color as Bombe, but I find the color goes well with certain outfits but not versatile enough. Personally, I think red or hot pink is easier to wear everyday. The Bombe would be a better size for your need though.
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