help me decide!

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  1. i wanna get myself a new agenda and i just cant make my mind up..
    whether to get a multicoloured, a vernis or a groom small ring one...
  2. hmmm vernis or groom. i just got a red epi and i love it!
  3. I have a small ring agenda in framboise vernis, and I looooove it. So beautiful.
  4. get the groom i have the blue one and i love it and the yellow is pretty nice too and the multy colored one might get dirty too easy specially the edges...
  5. go for vernis!
  6. Vernis vote here!!!
  7. ooh considering an agenda for myself! i was leaning towards a medium sized one though.
  8. medium size- definately! i think the little ones are too small.
  9. I got a beautiful almost new MC one for a great price recently, and I'm gonna try that out as a wallet.
    If I use it, I'll get one in my fav---vernis---next!
  10. Vernis! The framboise is gorgeous!
  11. Groom!! I have yellow one
  12. Vernis. I have the framboise one and it's soo pretty! I'm too scared to carry it without the dustbag though lol
  13. I vote for groom!
  14. Vernis! It is so pretty!
  15. Vernis. I have the framboise vernis agenda and use it daily.