Help me decide!


Nov 18, 2006
Hey everyone ! I've been wanting the botkier e/w satchel in black forever because I need a new black bag but I just can't decide if it's worth the money. I'm afraid it will go on sale more someplace else. Any thoughts? Or is it worth it? bout $450 marked down from $610

Thanks everyone - you are the best! (thought not necessarily the best for my checkbook!)

Botkier -  Leather Satchel -  Neiman Marcus
I like it :yes: I like more "simple" bags, and that one is like simple with a twist. Definitely worth $458 (based on looks alone, as I don't know much about Botkier).
1) You want it.
2) You've been wanting it.
3) It's on sale.
4) It could be gone tomorrow.

It all adds up: BUY IT!! If you find it at a better price, you can always return it (assuming you have the willpower to keep the tags on it a while).