help me decide..

  1. I'm trying to decide between the BH or the Mini Lin speedy??? I know they are 2 totally different types of bags...I guess thats why its so hard for me to decide. TIA
  2. What do you already have in your collection?
  3. do you want a handheld or shoulder bag?
  4. i prefer the BH just because i'm not into the mini lin line...
  5. what do you want more, shoulder bag or handheld bag ?
  6. mini lin please
  7. mini lin speedy
  8. I already have 2 speedies..mono and damier. I love speedies, that is why I wanted the mini lin, but I also really like the BH.
  9. I would go with the BH. I want one so badly. They are so lightweight and I love the shape. Since you have your handhelds covered by owning the speedies, I would get the shoulder bag. The only thing that bothers me about the bh is that it doesn't zip.
  10. I don't like the mini line at all, so I would pick the BH - it's a lovely bag. My daughter just LOVES hers!
  11. Since you have two speedies, I would pick the BH. I love this bag and it's on my shortlist of wants.
  12. Batignolles Horizontal! Somehow to me the mini lin speedy doesn't look as nice as the other versions...
  13. Hm I say the BH just to switch it up a little!
  14. mini lin speedy is gorgeous