help me decide! :)

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  1. Hi!
    i'm 17 and i'm a male...i need your help and opinions...
    next sunday i'm going to milan and i want to buy a small bag in the "messenger" style for Christmas...i need it to keep my wallet, mp3, keys my cell-phone when i go out...
    i have 3 ideas:
    pochette bosphore


    pochette melville

    what do you suggest I should choose?
    can you tell me the pros and cons of each bags?
    do you have other suggestions?
    could vacchetta be really a big problem?i don't know if i really like the damier...:sweatdrop:

    sorry for my english...:shrugs:
  2. I like the Damier! But there is not much vachetta on the bosphore either.
  3. I would go with either #1 or #3.
  4. I agree with Nola~ Damier is HOT on a man!:girlsigh:
  5. I vote for pochette melville!
  6. I agree! Good luck with your decision!:yes:
  7. i vote #1!
  8. I vote #3. I like Damier best for a guy, but if you are unsure about whether you like Damier, I'd go for #1.
    Good luck and welcome to tPF!:flowers:
  9. I like #3 most, #1 second. Good luck :smile:
  10. #1
  11. I agree that Damier looks hot on a man, but I believe I saw a picture of maybe David Beckham (?) carrying the Danube (#2) and it looked so good.
  12. 1 or 3 for me
  13. i like #1
  14. I prefer the Damier and I actually dislike #1. I must be the only one that also thinks the Danube is great!
  15. i love 3rd one, because i love damier!
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