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  1. I am the most indecisive person on earth. (Not a good quality when you combine it with B-bag loving). I want a black bag. I was deciding between a twiggy (which I had never seen) and a first. So I called a NM in Virginia because I wanted to buy it there for two reasons: I had a gift card essentially for the whole price AND it would be easy to return here.I called them and they had a first, no problem and another bag but the lady didn't know the name of it. She was describing it but I had no idea so I had her send both.

    Turns out the mystery bag was a whistle bag. I love it but it has no long strap and if I am wearing a heavy coat, I can't put it over my shoulder. And while I love the styling on the first, it is just too small. So I called to see if they had a black city. They don't. I can, however, get one from Aloharag but if I decide to return it, they charge a $50 restocking fee. But they do ship for free. I am on the fence, I love the whistle bag. I have never even seen one on here so I like that it is kind of different. But I love the city too. I am planning to get a white city in the spring so it might be nice to vary up the styles a little. Here is the whistle bag (next to the first for size reference):

  2. I would get the first!
  3. I vote for the black city!!!
  4. Get the first...
  5. First all the way !
  6. It is definately not going to be a first. It is between the whistle and the city.
  7. Since you think the first is too small, I vote to get a black city.
  8. I'm going to put in a good word for the Whistle because it's an unusual shape, which I think works well with a basic color...unless you absolutely require a shoulder strap, in which case it's decided for you. And you'll be getting a City.

    Let us know what you decide!
  9. My vote goes to the black city. :yes:
    (But is Aloha Rag your only option to get one? Perhaps there is another NM near you that has it in stock?)
  10. The SL at NM told me they didn't get any black cities this season. She can tell, I guess, what they get at other stores too.

    The shoulder strap thing isn't terrible. If I don't have a heavy coat on, I can put the bag on my shoulder. I live in the Chicago area but I am not outdoors a lot of the time. I often take off my heavy coat and leave it in the car if I am going to a mall or something.
  11. I don't like the Whistle so I say Black City!
  12. I'm for black city vote too. The pics of your blacks look pretty good, but I just want to warn that the 06 blacks they carried in NM in Denver looked pretty miserable... not a deep rich black, but a thin, faded looking black. Make sure you tell them when you order that you want them to select a nice thick, smooshy saturated black.

    Good luck.
  13. I got my 06 Black City from BalNy and the leather is smooth, soft and thick (TDF).:drool: I use it every day so i say Black City all the way. :yes: I like the motorcycle styles any way. Good luck!
  14. Well, not many people like the whistle. I just decided to get the black city from Aloharag so I can see them side by side. But unfortunately, AR says that they don't have any good black ones left. He said I should wait til he gets more in but I can't really wait til Jan to return the other one to NM. Ahhh!!! Does anyone else sell them and let you return them without getting store credit? I can't do a store credit.
  15. Have you tried Barneys or Saks?:graucho:
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