Help me decide!

  1. Okay, now I am torn between the Buberry hobo and this Coach bag and matching wallet. I think the Coach bag may be over priced but I'm not sure. Let me know what you Coach experts think about it. Here is the link:


    It's the white Coach bag and matching wallet down at the bottom of the page. Help with the price would be appreciated. :yes:
  2. The price for the hobo is way too high. Have you ever purchased anything through them?
  3. Yes, I have purchased from them in the past but only Chanel items. I really like coach but I'm just not as experienced with it as I am some other designers.
  4. Ok well the Coach seems a bit pricy. I am not familiar with Burberry prices so that may be a good deal.
  5. yeah i wouldnt get a coach from them, go to the burberry site and see how much is it worth to get it from there.
  6. I wouldnt get coach from that site either, if you hunt around ebay.. or outlets for that matter, you could find a much better deal!
  7. Thanks for the advise! I think I will go with the burberry. It's seems like a better deal and I really do have enough white bags. The hubby is going to shoot me but I figure it's like an early Christmas present to myself. :yes:

    I don't like shopping on Ebay anymore. Too many fake bags and I don't have enough experience, with the exception of Chanel, to figure out the subtle differences.
  8. I'd go with the Burberry. You could probably find the Coach hobo on eBay or at an outlet for much cheaper.
  9. I wonder why they are calling it a hobo... that's a shoulder tote. I'd just pass on that bag.