Help me decide...

  1. Hi, I wrote earlier that I got a good deal on this Kendall but I can't decide whether to keep it now or exchange it for a bag I will use more often. Please give me your opinion on what I should do.

    Thanks in advance!
    DSC_2765 (Small).JPG
  2. If you really like it then I would say keep it. There's a lot of pieces that I hardly use, but I wouldn't trade them for the world.
  3. That's a great looking bag! But....since your having doubts I'd say exchange. This happened with me and my croissant that I just had to have. When I got it, it was too small.....and I am sooo glad I exchanged it!
  4. Keep it!!! It looks hott!!!! :biggrin:
  5. Oh please keep it!!!
    It's really fabulous!
  6. Good deals are hard to come by, but if it's going to sit in your closet most of the time, then it might not be a good deal after all.:sad: It's really all depends how much you love this bag. I bought a bag that I really, really love, but I used it only once. I thought about returning it, but I decided to keep it because I really love it and for that reason, I felt it was worth keeping. :shame: On the other hand, I had another bag that I bought because the price was too good to let go, so I bought it, but I when I got home, I didn't really have any use for it, so I returned it and got something else that's more useful to me.:smile:
  7. Fab bag, keep it!
  8. If you like it, and can foresee lots of use for it, then keep it.
  9. If you love it, keep it!