help me decide :(

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  1. Hi ladies

    I'm dying for a pair of black patent Louboutin and can't decide between these 4 pairs. oh and i'll be getting them in a 12 cm heels. really need some recommendation. :confused1:

    I already have a new simple pump in nude, 12cm.

    1. Very prive, black insole
    2. Very prive, red insole
    3. Simple pump
    4. New simple pump

    thanks ladiess!!

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  2. They are all beautiful, you can´t go wrong either way. My vote goes to the VP with red tip, I love how the red matches the red soles. :smile:

    Good luck choosing!
  3. I like the black/black VP. like miss t said, though, you can't go wrong with any of them. btw, the third picture is the clichy, not the simple. the simple doesn't come in 120mm either.
  4. Red tip VP!!!!
  5. ^^^ She's not required to post there.

    I voted New Simple. It's got a little more body than the Simple, IMO and a closed toe is always a great year-round choice.
  6. I also voted #4. If you were considering getting the clichy 100, they are a great shoe. Good luck with your decision
  7. new simple is definitely the best investment imo, since it is closed-toe. they are all great choices, though.
  8. This was very hard to vote! I'm in the minority and I don't like colored tips. I also am not a fan of the Simple but I think Very Prives and Clichys are VERY sexy.

    either way I don't think you will go wrong with what you pick since black patent is super versatile
  9. of the choices you presented, i'd go with the new simples. they are gorgeous, versatile and can go easily from day to night.
  10. I voted for New Simple black patent, I have them and they're comfy. Also VP's are great, but it's already too cold where I live for peep toe. :sad:
  11. If you've already got a closed toe, why not consider going for an open toe for your next pair?
  12. I voted New Simple. It is comfortable, sexy, versatile, and classic.
  13. VP with red tip but honestly all of them are great!
  14. Hi ladies...

    Yes i know, it's really hard to decide between those 4!! Arghhh... It confuses me even more now. Oh, and thanks for the heads up. i'll remember that, it's a clichy not a simple pump. And thanks ladies for the opinions. keep them coming :hugs: