Help me decide!

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  1. So i've decided to invest in my first balenciaga bag :yahoo:and there are just sooo many choices(i guess like any other designer label)!
    So please help me choose! What is your favourite style and colour ladies? :smile: I also want to be able to use it all year around and there is no price range either :biggrin:
  2. Welcome to the Bal world!

    What kind of colors do you like, neutral or pop colors? Bag sizes larger or smaller? You could check our reference library for color choices. I personally love this season's Anthracite, Murier and Siegle.
  3. A city bag with regular hardware is perfect for a first BBag. Colour? Black is a classic. But each season new colours are brought out so maybe go have a look and see what works best with your wardrobe. Happy hunting!
  4. I've been wondering the same thing . I need a B-bag in my wardrobe :happydance: I've been skulking over here for a while looking at all the beautiful bags . I did figure out i want a black /large bag . but, it's the hardware i'm confused on. Good luck on your choice.
  5. Town, City, Maxi Twiggy are my favourite styles.

    Colors I love are in the families of Burgundy/Garnet, Black, Anthracite, Militairy Green/Olive Brown, Canard, Sang/Red/Vermillion.

    My most loved hardware is RH, pewter or the new small gold-finish brass RH for being so light-weight, and for the tassels.
  6. Get a classic RH city. It will have the neat-o tassels and be light as a feather.
    Then, get a color.

    Balenciaga is famous for the City style and for their colors.
  7. I spent a lot of time looking at the photos on the threads for celebrity and TPF girls wearing bal bags, just to get an idea of which size I liked the best. If you can go see them in person that would be your best bet. Each person carries different things in their bag.
    After you got the size decided then start looking at colors. When choosing a color, consider the following, is this going to be a bag that I carry everyday? Am I going to hold on to this bag for a long time? what are the main colors in my wardrobe? Am I courageous enough to carry a bold color or feel more comfortable in a something neutral?

    I think I looked at Bal bags for 2 months before I took the plunge and bought it.
  8. I am doing the same thing!! Still undecided on which bag I want but so much loving seeing all of these beauties!!!
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    Still somewhat new myself, this is how I began...

    Size, the Bal Ref Library is amazing and filled with every pix of every size.

    First is small and not deep, which I love. Town is a similar in shape but a couple inches taller and it has a strap long enough to wear crossbody. To me the City is next with more width, a little more in heighth and more depth. Then there is the PartTime which has more width and more depth. Larger are the Work, and Weekender. The Brief falls in there too!

    Can't forget the Day and Besace and others - - also, one cannot forget the Clutches (Flat and Envelope) and OMG, all the wonderful accesories, good heavens, I could buy them ALL.

    After I narrowed down size for my first Bal, I looked at hardware: Basically, do you want it lightweight with RH and tassels, or Giant Hardware (that is a bit heavier) with no tassels. Again the picturse in the Ref Lib are amazing.

    Once I basked in all of the above, I decided on leather. This can take extensive research because each year the leathers differ so depending on your taste, you can find it. Would you like a Neutral like Black or Anthracite, or some of the lovely browns, or earthy greens? Or perhaps a lovely brighter color?

    From there I decided if I wanted a new bag or a pre-loved. The Shopping Reference thread has all of the reputable online sites for pre-loved (and new) and also everywhere around the world where one can buy a new Bal.

    The wonderful ladies that are part of this forum are incredible and like my signature says below, thanks to them....

  10. Excellent suggestions!! Thank you, lovely!! ;)
  11. great advice..thanks everyone !
  12. Wow thankyou 'HerRubySlippers' your info was amazing ^__^ I've been taking a look in the ref library and it's a big help also.

    I think I have decided to go for a light grey or beige colour just so I can wear it with alot more :smile: Orr even lilac purple! and for style? I'm not even sure! Soo many beautiful styles bale has, I think it might take awhile to decide...

    Thanks everyone xx and goodluck 'lv*lifestyle' on your search as well :smile: