Help me decide?

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  1. I'm really torn between these two bags.

    -Work GGH Black 2007, chevre, condition mint.
    -Work RGGH Black 2010, brand new.
  2. I'd go for the 07 GGH Work. 2007 leather are yummy!
  3. All things equal, I say go with the chevre! But the 07 blacks are known to turn green, so that might make a difference to you.
  4. GGH black 2007!!!
  5. My '07 GGH Work is broken in and the leather has not turned green on me...thank goodness...the leather is thick, chewy and gorgeous.
    The 2010 black leather seems to be great and with RGGH - now that is a beautiful bag! if I were deciding - I might have to consider if the 2007 is priced reasonably.
  6. Agree with Magjes about the bag being reasonably priced.

    Remember if the 2007 bags were sitting in the stockroom of Balenciaga boutiques and department stores they would sell for current retail value, not some inflated price point just because they are "oldies" (tPF term) and coveted (by tPF members). Boutiques and department stores refer to these bags as past season and consider them to be backstock or overstock. Nothing special, just an older season bag.

    Sellers of oldies may consider them to be rare and worth a premium, but not every buyer feels the same way. This is why they are currently sitting unsold on auction sites.

    That all said, I love the subtleness of RGGH and think it looks amazing on black!
  7. I would pick the 07 any day
  8. agree with Roey and MAGJES , i actually prefer rggh over ggh :more subtle and easier too match ;)..than 07 black can fade in dark green sometimes :sad:
  9. Black RGGH Work. The leather this year is gorgeous!
  10. Thanks, all answers are helpful to me.:smile:
  11. 07 ggh from me. No doubt.
  12. Thumbs up for the RGGH/Black combo!
  13. Black RGGH Work gets my vote. I prefer the RGGH and the leather on the '10 blacks have been crazy yummy.
  14. Thanks; Now I'm torn between RGGH or SGH 2010.:rolleyes:
  15. Get what you like:smartass: