Help me decide :)

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Help - PCE decisions!

  1. Small Leather Gathered Sophia with matching wallet in black

  2. Small Leather Gathered Sophia with matching wallet in gray

  3. Hampton's Python Hobo in Platinum

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  1. So I am going to return my floral Sophia - I'm just worried it's too delicate for me. I am thinking either the Small Leather Gathered Sophia bag in black or gray with the matching wallet and have $50 left on my merchandise card or get the Hamptons Python Hobo in Platinum and have $10 left on my merchandise card. I really don't mind if I have money left over or not. I like the Hampton's because it is silver and I don't have a silver bag. I also like the Gathered Sophia because it is pretty and I could get it in gray although I like it in black better. Ahh decisions, decisions....that's why I need your help!! :smile:




  2. I like the hamptons python ;)
  3. I like the Hamptons hobo. I think that the shape is classic and will always be in style. Plus the bing of the python is fantasic. Good luck with your decision!
  4. I voted for the small gathered gray Sophia!Believe me when I say, the small sophia's hold alot:smile:
  5. I voted for the Hamptons hobo!
  6. Love the python!!!
  7. The black gathered Sophia and the Hampton's python hobo are my 2 favorite styles of the year, so I didn't vote because I can't choose. I guess I would have to say which color do you need the most?

    The gray gathered Sophia doesn't do a whole lot for me because it seems kinda dull, especially next to the black one.
  8. Hampton's hobo, I saw this in the boutique and even the SA was drooling over it!
  9. I love that gray!

    I know I'm in the minority here, but I wish the "python" would run its course. It looks like a dead snake to me, and just gives me the heebie jeebies. But then I don't like animal prints of any kind, so I guess it's just me! :-s
  10. Thanks everyone! You guys are the best! I used to hate the animal looking print and some of the animal print I still don't care for but this one to me is a little different - I also think how bright it is in the light makes a difference too so I more of see the metallic color than the animal print if that makes sense.
  11. I voted for the black gathered sophia. From what I've seen on here, this bag is TDF, and it's so classic!

  12. I know what you mean; I never cared for animal prints either, they reminded me of "old ladies", maybe because they were more of the furry animal kind. I don't see the python that way though, this print is so subtle, it reminds me more of a watercolor.
  13. I saw the pic in the Celebrities thread of Eva Longoria w/ the python bag -- she's really rockin' it & it looks fab on her!
  14. Black gathered sophia, since I really like the matching wallet.
  15. Hamptons python! I have it and I love it!!