Help me decide....

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  1. So i am now obsessed with Mulberry bags, i got my first in January and am planning my second. I like the regular alexa - Oak Leopard or Ink Blue??

    HEEEEEELLLPPPP!!! :yahoo:
  2. INK blue its the best of the alexa's and classic
  3. I would go with the Ink Blue myself. Having said that, I don't own one but want one. They are totally sold out in the States. My SA told me he put me on the "waitlist" though.

    Kirsty, welcome to the Mulberry club! I got my first in January too and now I own about 3 or 4....I just love the Mulberry Bag and they are very addictive :smile:

    But hey, we all have to be addicted to something, glad it is Mulberry!

    Love the small Hayden in Gingerbread too!! Don't own that either but it is on my wishlist.
  4. another vote for ink from me :biggrin:
  5. Thank you for your replies, i am leaning towards the ink to be honest!! i am just scared i will find more i LOVE and HAVE to have!!!!! :lol: :happydance:
  6. Thats normal when you enter the mulberry world.... dont worry apparently it wears off....

  7. Looking at your list i am not convinced!!! :party:
  8. I love both!!!

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  9. I didn't say it had worn off me.....:nuts: but I'm not the worst....
  10. I've been addicted for a couple of years with no sign of remission.

    Good luck making a decision and don't forget to show us whatever you get.
  11. Oak leopard goes with everything and will spice up any outfit - my vote goes to oak leopard! (I'm still waiting for mine..)
  12. ha ha maybe i should get both, saves a lot of hassle!! Husband may leave though :biggrin:
  13. ^^ Don't worry about that, we'll all be here for you! :greengrin:
  14. :lol: Yes you will still have us, the crazy bag ladies who live in your computer!

    I love both but my vote goes to ink!
  15. Hi and welcome to the Mulberry Madhouse! We're all Mulberry obsessed so you're in good company. ;)

    Which colour does your heart love, and which does your head love? Do you care much about matching to outfits or anything like that? With a purchase so big I'd say go for the one that makes you want to run out of the store leaping! After paying for the bag, of course!