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  1. I will be going to France in April and am thinking of getting LV bag as I hope it is a bit cheaper than here in London! I don't buy and own many designer bags at the moment as I don't work any more (am at home with children) so am looking for something that is practical ,for ever day, not too big (I am very small) and most importantly as timeless as possible as I will probably not get another bag soon! I would appreciate your advice!
  2. Damier Speedy 25.JPG Mono or Damier Speedy! If you're very small - I like the 25. (I know, I know - everyone else likes the 30). Here's a picture of someone 5' 2-1/2" at about 104 pounds with the Speedy 25.

    I absolutely love my speedies. They are reasonable, and what would be more fun than to buy the classic Louis Vuitton that Audrey Hepburn carried, in Paris!
  3. speedy 25 or 30...........;););)
  4. If you prefer a shouldr bag, I LVOE my Sistina damier Pm
  5. speedy!:smile:
  6. Do you want a hand bag or a shoulder bag?
  7. If you have small children then I think a shoulder would work out better...My first choice would be the Mono Stresa PM and my second choice: Mono/Azur Totally PM/MM. If you have older children and like handhelds then most up there...get a Speedy 30!
  8. Thanks very much - I LOVE speedy! But you are so right that something hands free would be more practical. Any more recommendations on hands free (including the pattern) and photos if you have would be appreciated! (I may still also get 'speedy' for occasions when I am not pushing the pushchair :smile:)
    Thank you all very much!
  9. Speedy! I'd get at least the 30 size, though.
  10. Speedy 30.
  11. How about a BH or a Tulum PM? They are great shoulder bags!
  12. Buy two! BH and a Speedy Damier 25 (get the 30 if you tote around water bottles and kid stuff in your bag along with your essentials).

    OT, c-m, you look fab with your Speedy!
  13. If you can swing two bags, then a speedy in mono and bloomsbury pm in damier!
  14. How about the SPEEDY or NEVERFULL......
  15. Palermo PM is the best with kids! Handsfree crossbody for a casual look and handheld if you want it more dressy! Stresa, Totally and Galliera are great too! Speedy ofcourse is a classic and fantastic but handheld so not that childfriendly imho. Check out the Clubhouses for lots of pics!