Help me decide

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  1. Looking for an everyday bag for work and casual wear. I like big bags and can't decide between Palermo GM, Artsy GM, and Galliera GM?
    Opinions, please!
  2. Have you seen these bags in real life? Just asking because the GM versions of Palermo & Galliera are HUGE. You could carry a baby in them (not saying you should:lol:).

    However, if you work is casual, I really like the Galliera PM. If it is more formal, I'd probably choose the Palermo PM.

    Let us know what you decide!
  3. Palermo PM
  4. My first choice is the Artsy, but I have not seen this bag IRL. I love the pockets which would help with all my stuff ending up in a heap, which I hate and why I normally stay away from hobo type bags. I have the galliera gm, and it is big but I do like the size. I don't like my stuff in a heap. I pulled it out the other day and am using it now....I am trying to fall in love with my galliera but so far it has been a love/hate relationship. This time I have enjoyed this bag more than any other, and I have no idea why.
  5. I like Palermo GM as a travel tote - it's huge!
    For work/casual wear, I think the MM sizes are plenty big. There are concerns about the Artsy handle not being comfortable, and lots of TPFers swear by Galliera as being very comfortable. Artsy has a lot of pockets inside, but Galliera is so gorgeous once it's really broken in. It's a tough call, both are beautiful bags, I'd say base it on the comfort level! GL!
  6. palermo
  7. Artsy gm.....
  8. Palermo Pm! I love that bag:nuts: not GM tho, as the other girls have said lol
  9. I don't think the Artsy will be good for what you want to use it for. I say Palermo.
  10. PAlermo GM - I had it, didn't think it was that huge, but then I lke big bags. It is nice and secure with the zipper, and can be worn crossbody, shoulder, or handheld. To me, pretty versatile.
  11. Palermo +1
  12. Artsy MM or GM! I plan to use mine for work and casual, and I think it is fabulous! The interior organization is a big plus, too...easy to find keys and whatever you need to get you to work on time!
  13. If you like big bags I would get the Artsy Gm, I have read how it folds over and fits as a shoulder bag in the GM size much better than the MM size. I love the way it looks and it seem like it would be a great everyday bag! I would vote for the Palermo Gm next, I like that it can be worn crossbody and carry a lot of things, but I'm not sure how dressy it could be, I love the way it looks and that it's so functional, but I don't really think I would be able to dress it up. The galliera GM is a gorgeous bag, I like it as much as the Artsy, I think it would be a great everyday bag, easy to dress up or down, the only thing I don't like is the GM size, I think for that bag the GM size is huge ( and I like big bags myself). I would check out the galliera in the MM size! Hope this helps, good luck with your decision!
  14. Artsy!! mm or gm-whichever you prefer!
  15. I love my new Artsy MM, but I don't think its a great work bag--too delicate! Get the Palermo.