Help me decide ?

  1. Hi - ()I'm kinda new to tPF & so I hope this appropriate - I'm having an uncontrolable urge to buy a new purse but I don't want to dip into the money I'm saving for my next $$$$ bag (I could go up to $200 but less is best) & I'm looking at these on ebay (prices are as of now & all have a while til they end) -
    1) a used kooba for under $100
    2) a liz claiborne shopper for about $75 ((would rather have leather)
    3) this cbgb for aboUt $120

    I'd love some thoughts or opinions on these. Or should I just control my urges & wait a few weeks & buy a brand new true love/$$$ bag ? Thanks.
  2. Control yourself, and wait!!!..... and welcome to tPF:heart:
  3. Ebay is OK but you could find much better stuff for the same price at Marshalls, TJMaxx et al.
  4. lol - This is the therapy I needed to resist my urges ! You guys ROCK !
  5. Yes, don't get something just because it's a bargain. Get what you REALLY want and it's worth the wait! Plus I'm very biased against getting things on eBay so I'm an oddball in that regard.
  6. Don't buy one of these bags if you aren't really in love :yes:
  7. I am new too and came here just looking into bags. I have since fallen in love and am going to wait and save up money for my next purchase. So I agree with if your not in love don't buy.
  8. I know but I'm pretty purse poor right now - I think my Sienna might be a fake, I don't want to carry my Fendi Spy for everyday, my Banana Republic Bloomsbury is too small for all my stuff & I'm just REALLY tired of all the rest. I may just bite the bullet & get a new Kooba or something like that (several pretty good sales right now on sites like jcmadison) but then I won't be able to buy anything else this month & I really need some new shoes & jeans ! What to do, what to do.....
  9. The really good bag sales at NM/ bergdofs/Saks/Bloomies start around Dec but they always have a 'sale' section on their websites and sometimes have some great deals. Another 'safe' way to purchase a designer bag is to go 'outlet' shopping at places such as Woodbury Common. Have fun doing your 'research' first and decide exactly what kind of bag you want and then do the 'hunting' for the greatest deal. Are you considering anything specific at the moment?

    ......whatever bag you decide on, I always find it useful to have a Longchamp Pliages bag handy, very inexpensive and smart for those occasions (rain) when you don't want to use your expensive handbags.
  10. I thought I had decided on a Kooba ( one of the bigger bags - I really like the Lena but I'm not sure if it's big enough) but then I saw a Hogan shopper & fell in love. Since then, I've seen so many different bags I LOVE (from trendy to classic), I feel like my head's going to explode. It seems like the more I look, the more confused I get. I guess that's proof positive that I need to keep looking & saving. I'm the type that tries on everything in the store before I make up my mind (obviously! - lol).
  11. i think u should wait to get ur dream bag :P
  12. Sometimes I just get the urge to buy but I try to surpress it otherwise I end up with something I only like, not love. So just wait and save up and you'll be so pleased with yourself when you get the bag you love.