Help me decide!!

  1. I recently purchased my first city grige and I love it dearly, but now I am torn whether to purchase matching wallet. I saw what the compagnon looks like on the site and its really pretty. Is it worth all the money is what I would like some opinions on. Also the one I saw is the original zip around is that called something different. I want the large. :confused1:
  2. I am torn on buying a Balenciaga wallet too! I just don't know what to do! LOL I think if you choose to buy the wallet the greige would be a great choice b/c it will go with all different color bags.
  3. I find the wallets pretty expensive compared to the bags, but i can also understand wnating a complete package... I guess that's up to you and what type of bag lover you are. Do you like to change bag often and have a lot of different shades to choose from or do like to have a few bags you cherish to death and wear all the time? (guess I'm falling into the second category) If you wear your bag like 5 days a week, get the wallet you'll use it as much as the bag and won't regret it, otherwise splurge on a new different bag.
  4. This is probably my last big purchase bag and I plan on using everyday. I`m semi-retired and just can`t afford my obsession any longer, this is really going to be hard for me to stay away from all the temptations and having to just be satisfied with what I have!:smile:
  5. Let me know what you decide also. I probably won`t be satisfied until I do it!
  6. then go for the wallet and enjoy your Balenciaga set!:yahoo:
  7. I did the matching wallet thing with some bags and I ended up with 3 different wallets but I just used one so I sold the others. I now just have a black Dior gaucho wallet which goes with everything. I'd go for a neutral colour e.g. greige or black would be a good choice IMo so you can use it with your other bags as well.
  8. Well a wallet is a good investment b/c you use it all the time IMO
  9. i love wallets and small leather accesories so I would say go for the wallet and enjoy your matching set!
  10. Can anyone tell me if in person the wallets are really pretty and well made?
  11. Yes- they are pretty! The only thing is that the leather varies- just like the bags. Some are veiny and some are more matte in appearance.