Help me decide!

  1. I am honestly not a collector. I always keep my bag for a while and then I sell them if I haven't used it for a long time. Am I bad? Cause it seems everyone in here is collecting handbags. My collection is definitely not growing too far cause I always ended up selling them and getting a new bag.

    Here's the deal, I have MJ soft satchel (I don't know the official name or color of this bag) and MJ Blake in tapioca. I haven't worn them for a long time and I'm thinking about selling one of them or even both. I recently just lost my zip clutch so I need a fund to get a new one, and I'm saving to get a small mp.

    Any thoughts? :confused1:
    MJ- front2.jpg MJ-front2.jpg
  2. Sell the first one. I love the blake.
  3. Honestly? I sell bags if I haven't used them in a year or more. If you're not using it, chances are you won't in the future. Plus if you have other stuff in mind that you want, why not fund it by selling off the stuff you don't use???
  4. Blake is a keeper, I personally like it more than Multipocket as well.
  5. Completely agree. You could make a few bucks and buy a new bag that you would like to use!
  6. Does anyone know what color is the soft satchel? Is it Coral(Does that even exist?)? Or does it even have an official name for the bag?
  7. I think you should sell the Blake so I can buy it!:P ;) No, just kidding....I agree that if you have a wish list bag you really want, sell these babies. If you haven't used them in a long time, you probably won't miss them when they're gone.
  8. if you haven't used anything in more than a year then sell it. IMO the Blake will sell faster than the other one though because it's a pretty popular style. Good luck!
  9. My philosophy is as long as there's outflow, you can have inflow :smile: Even if it's a bag you don't use anymore, at one point you loved it enough to buy it then so it should go to someone else who can love it now. As far as which of the two, I agree with elongreach, sell the satchel, the blake is just a lovely classic bag.
  10. Yup, I agree with those who say don't feel bad for selling. Collectors just have a different (not better or worse) way of looking at handbag acquisition. I, for one, HAVE to sell my old bags to fund the new b/c I couldn't afford the new ones otherwise. I'm sure along the way I'll come across bags that I will never give up and those will go into a collection. That will just probably be when I have a lot more $$ ;)
    Between the two you have, I would say the Blake is more of a keeper - but that also means it will go for more money at auction. Difficult decision!
  11. If you had to sell one, I would sell the first and keep the Blake. However, if you don't use them and think that you won't miss them, then I would sell both. It'll help you get closer to your goal for replacing your clutch and getting a MP. Good luck!
  12. Ok, I have decided to sell them both!! Oddly, I don't really regret it.

    Thanks guys for all your input. :smile:
  13. If you don't have any regrets, then selling both was the right decision. Good luck, I hope you get a lot for them so you can buy what you really want!!