Help me decide!

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  1. I love the Leigh. It's probably one of my favorite bags to look at. It's so pretty. But it's heavy and I find I am not using it at all. Should I sell it, or keep it?
  2. Normally, I would say to sell if you are not using it. However, this rule changes when it comes to Legacy bags. I think you really should keep it. Those bags are so wonderful and they are getting scarcer and scarcer. Don't sell it.
  3. I'm going to go with sell. I recently let go of one of my legacy bags, because it just didn't work for my lifestyle even though it was gorgeous! It freed up money to buy something else I'll use, and I wouldn't change my decision.
  4. Thanks girls. I am so torn, but looking forward to all the opinions to help me decide. This is a tough choice.
  5. It is a hard one. I say keep it. Just because I have a black Leigh that I don't use a lot. But I really like it and do use it occasionally. I am wondering the same thing about my Gigi that I don't ever use though.
  6. If you know you won't use it, then sell it and spend the money on something that you know you will use. However, if you don't mind having a bag that you will never use, then just keep it like you would a collectible and enjoy looking at her. Personally, I would rather have the extra cash than something that I can't and won't use.
  7. I would keep it. The Legacy bags are getting harder and harder to find but if you really aren't using it and you think you won't then use that $$ for something new.
  8. I LOVE the look of the Leigh, and got one at Nordies quite a long time ago. I ended up returning her because of the weight. I also let go of a HG Legacy bag because of the weight issue. I used the money for other things. I LOVE the old Legacy, but it has to be a size that I can deal with. For instance, tho I'm not a sig fan, I got the Legacy Choc. sig 2007 satchel at the outlets recently and just love her.. rich rich rich. AND because she's sig, not too heavy. I also have the Slim flap Ali in black leather and she's great as well. I HAD the shoulder bag in camel, but returned her, which I'm now SORELY regretting. If you are a collector, keep her, but if you want to actually USE her, then get something else that you really willl use.
  9. Use it or lose it :biggrin:

    Then you can buy something you love.
  10. I say sell. If you won't use it, why keep it? I am a huge fan of the Legacy bags, but I am also a big believer in only using money on what you'll really use.
  11. :tup: Yep, otherwise it's just cash sitting in your closet.
  12. I agree on selling it, you could always get something you'll like more! I have to do this with clothes a lot because i buy so many tshirts but I just give them away since they are cheap.
  13. I had the same bag and returned it two days later because she was way too heavy. If you can't carry her then sell it. Since you love the bag, I'd suggest taking an artistic picture of her first that you can maybe frame. That way you have the art and the cash!

  14. :tup::P
  15. I know its a tough decision, especially w/the Legacy bags, but I've let some of mine go recently too. Im just finding the maintenance of the leather to be more trouble than its worth, and I dont use them too often for that reason. I love the look of them, but I am also loving the look and ease of some of the newer leather bags. I still have some that I wont sell (Lily, Gigi, Thompson top handle) but I have a whiskey Leigh, a Juniper shoulder bag and a walnut flap that are on my "possibly sell" list. I agree with the poster who said if you are a collector, definitely keep it. But if you just buy and sell your bags as you get tired/bored with them like me, then I would let it go and use the $$ for a bag you love right now.