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Which one do you like better?

  1. Leather Pewter Alta Nodo

  2. Leather Pewter Turbella

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. #1 Jan 19, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 19, 2009
    Hi Ladies,

    I need your help to decide. I am looking into buying one of these shoes, which one do you like the best?

    Pewter Leather Alta Nodo

    Pewter Turbella:

  2. I like the Turbella more. I am just not a big fan of the knot on the other pair.
  3. i think it depends on the foot... i remember not thinking much of the alta nodo, and someone here tried them on in comparison to the lady gres (i forgot who it was), and they looked stunning on her...

    also, how do you feel about the double platform? i personally would not be able to walk in them
  4. Alta Nodo hands down - to me that is the absolute certainty. I love it, the other one in my opinion only, is not as stunning.

    Sorry for anyone that has the Turbella, it is beautiful too but the Alta rocks and the shade of colour is nicer.
  5. Pewter Turbella ...

    Don't like knots on shoes!
  6. I actually own a pair of Purple Suede Alta Nodo, so the dbl platform does not bother me. I am looking for something in bronze or pewter.
  7. oh if you have this style then i would go for the turbella!
  8. If it were me, I'd say Turbella, seeing it in person yesterday really got me wanting them, they're gorgeous. But which one do you really love?
  9. I think that was Natasha with the suede purple?! They looked hot on her. But I voted for Turbella, more delicate and looks nicer in this color IMO
  10. I also have to add if you have the Alta Nodo, then the Turbella's would add a different style to your collection.
  11. I have not seen these exact shoes IRL, only pics. So far, I like them both very much
  12. I vote Turbella since you already have one color in the Alta Nodo
  13. But don't you think the Turbella are bit too similar to the Armadillos? I already have three pairs of the Armadillos.
  14. Hahaha ... you want the AN's dont you?!!
  15. Hmm, I don't think they are too similar.