Help me decide???!!

  1. I had posted earlier about a shoulder bag, and after looking at all the great pictures here (thanks they help a lot!!) and checking out eluxury. I have narrowed it down.
    The babylone- I like the zippered part. Does anyone have this bag?? Doesn't seem popular. Is it huge?? I don't want a bag that looks like a work bag, just something that holds as much as my speedy 30. Opinions??

    Popincourt Haut- looks nice, is it too small??? How big is it??

    Cabas Piano/Mezzo- the mezzo looks huge to me. How much can the piano hold??

    thanks so much!!!! I love mono prints, would love a MC one but can't find anything I am in love with shoulder bag wise. Thanks!!!

    I should add, 90% of the time, I dress casually. So I do need something that works well with that!!
  2. I have the Cabas Mezzo and LOVE it (i am only 5'3" but love big bags). If you are worried about the size then I would go with the Piano. Either size looks so good. They are really eye catching IMO and comfortable on the shoulder.
  3. Babylone - it's a nice big bag for school/work, because you can put everything in it. i don't like the shape of it, but to each his own i guess.

    Cabas - this seems to be everybody's everyday bag. i personally don't like the structure (or lack thereof) of it, and the fact that the bottom is completely vachetta, so you'll have a hard time keeping it clean.

    Popincourt Haut - i have this bag and i love it! it's not as big as the Babylone, but it can hold a lot.

    by the way, did you ever consider the Batignolles Horizontal? that's a great casual/everyday bag too :yes:!

    here are pictures of my Popincourt Haut and what i can fit in it:





    and the Batignolles Horizontal



  4. Photos of you carrying these bags make me want all of them!!! hehe. In regards to the PH and the Batignolles Horizontal...which one do you like more? I know I want to buy a Speedy 25 and another bag...but now I can't decide between the PH and the Batignolles Horizontal. Are they that much different?
  5. I love the look of the Batignolles Horizontal doesn't have a zippered top, I am afraid of stuff falling out, if the purse gets tipped in the car. But it looks awesome.
  6. I just got the babylone and I really like it. It's big, but doesn't feel big because it is so slim.
    I also like the batignolles horizontal.
    And, another bag that rarely gets mentioned--the Vavin gm. The inside pockets are so handy!!
  7. OH NO, I just saw the lockit horizontal and love it!!! How big are the shoulder straps though, and when will it become available??

    Okay, I just went to LV online and I don't think the lockit bag is going to work for over the should and be very comfy. But it is a nice looking bag!!!
  8. they're different in size, that's all. the Batignolles Horizontal is considerably bigger than the Popincourt Haut. the Batignolles would be great for work/school because i can fit my notebooks and papers in them. the Popincourt Haut can be used for work/school too :yes:

    the Batignolles Horizontal has a snap closure at the top, which actually secures the bag pretty well. i've had my bag tip over and nothing ever fell out
  9. I love the Batignolles Horizontal, it's such a great bag.
  10. Now I am leaning more towards the BH just because it looks like such a nice bag, the only downfall for me is no zipper, I am wondering if I can love a bag without a zipper??? the shape is wonderful.

    I like the Popincourt Haut too.....but I wonder if it is too small. so for the extra room of the bh, I would have to give up a zipper....choices, choices!!!