help me decide!

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  1. I can't decide between these two wallets...(, )I think the vernis is different and cute, but am afraid of color transfer, etc....(but the price! :nuts:) On the other hand I want something in damier and this wallet would be "worry free" essentially....:hrmm::hrmm::hrmm:

    Vernis or Damier?
  2. the vernis one is pretty dirty..and so is the can save up for alittle more and get a brand new zippy coin purse for 310!!!!!
  3. Damier gets my vote.
  4. I say damierrrrrr
  5. Damier.

    The Vernis one already has transfer issues happening...the interior snap is bleeding through the Vernis. Also there are dirt marks all over that Vernis is not in good shape as far as I am concerned.

    Although I am with the other poster that suggested saving a bit more and buying a Zippy Coin Purse brand new. In Damier or Mono the Zippy is only $290.
  6. If I were you I would do a little more searhing on ebay, you can always find what you want for the price it is just a matter of waiting. I got my brand new mono PTI wallet that was authenticated for only $185!!!
  7. My vote goes to the Damier. The Vernis one is pretty, but really dirty! It's a great price for the Damier one!
  8. dirty makes its look bad. so i go for the damier.
  9. damier the vernis one looks.. really dirty lol
  10. I prefer damier since I need something that can withstand daily use and still look great years down the road. Think twice about the Ebay auction of the Damier wallet though, for the edging needs reglazing and its hard to tell from the photos if the canvas is cracked or not near the edge. LV will not reglaze if the canvas is already cracked. I would hold off and keep an eye out for another one on Ebay in better shape or one like new or buy a new one direct from LV. I own the double sided wallet in the monogram and use to in the Damier as well. I love the wallet. LV makes this wallet now with 6 credit cards slots (use to only have 4 slots) Good Luck!
  11. Damier - the Vernis one is in really bad shape!
  12. I would say get a new zippy as well! They are awfully cute. :yes:
  13. Damier definitely.
  14. Damier!
  15. Damier - 2nd what everyone has said - the Vernis is not in good shape.