Help me DECIDE

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  1. Please help me decide choose one. If anyone has one or the other I would love to hear your comments, about the leather too. The smell and the smooch. Please[​IMG][​IMG]
  2. If it were for me, I'd definitely go for the yellow. It has buttery soft smooshy matte leather, while the evergreen is to glazed and stiff for my personal preferences. Plus, RM is coming out with several other greens this coming year (including the old, and very beautiful, Emerald) so I'd hold off on the green. However, if you are a fan of the glazed leather, than evergreen is the way to go.
  3. Would you say that the glazed leather is very stiff? I love the yellow, but I am afraid that I wouldn't know when to wear it. Thanks bagdemon. That really helps. I have a BLk Mini Basketweave MAB that I finally ordered too. I am sure its the new version. But, I also wanted another RM bag to my collection. PLEASE help girls. I want somehting super soft, funky, and fun !
  4. I have the evergreen and it's really soft and smooshy. Not stiff at all. But I'm selling mine because I hardly have use for a green bag.

    I like the yellow, and the leather looks so rich!
  5. If you want something "super soft, funky & fun" then you should go for yellow. I completely agree with Bagdemon. I think there are better greens out there/ coming up and the Yellow leather is softer. I however am a big fan of the glazed leathers but it sounds to me like you are looking for a very sof bag in which case the yellow is softer. It's a great color right now.

    If I had a yellow bag, I'd wear it with a faded pair good fitting jeans and a cute white wife beater/ tank top and some nicely contrasting sandals. Maybe like a nude/ tan color shoe?? I would want the bag to be the focal point of my outfit and I think yellow looks really good with lighter colors.
    This is just my opinion.. hope it helps!
  6. No, I wouldn't say it's VERY stiff and all the RM glazed leathers seem like they will break in nicely. I think the yellow would be totally wearable all spring and summer at least. It would be fantastic with jeans, with browns, blues and greens and even go well with black, I would imagine. That's actually something I liked more about it than the evergreen. The evergreen is a dark, cold color. Very nice, but it didn't seem to me that it would work well except for in winter. The yellow you could get away with even with winter whites.
  7. Thanks everyone! Little rock you have def given me ideas on the yellow. Inever thought I could wear it like that
  8. Well I have ordered the yellow. I hope I made the right choice!!
  9. Great choice!! the yellow looks so soft and smooshy and rich... post pics when you get it!
  10. I will post pics. I hope I love it and dont return it. Girls is their anyone else witht this bag? I would love to hear comments and suggestions while I am waiting for her.
  11. To me both are pretty colors and attract eyes. Congrats! Looking forward to see arriving pics. ;)
  12. i'm glad you ordered yellow! i was going to vote for the yellow!
  13. I think you will love the yellow one, the leather looks exactly the same as my Might Blue MAM and its so smooshy and soft, its even better now with about a week or more of use!
  14. The yellow is so pretty and perfect for summer. I think you're going to love it. Plus, like LittleRock said, there are more greens coming out later, so if you still want a green bag you'll have plenty of opportunities.

    I can't wait to see your pictures! :yes:
  15. I :heart: the yellow!