Help me decide..

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  1. I commute 1.5 hours to and from work each day on a city bus. I need my bag to be big to carry my life basically, but I also need it to be practical. I am undecided b/w these two. Help me choose..thanks

    Black Cabby GM

    Neverfull GM
  2. Adis, I think the Neverfull MM would work well for you...I think the GM would be too big for you.

    Have you tried them on yet?
  3. I have a similar commute on subway/ bus everyday. Between those two I would definitely go for the Cabby GM in Black. No vachetta to get dirty in the city, the ability to wear messenger style, and the zip top are all huge benefits. I have considered a Neverfull but honestly, the open top of my Petit Noe bothers me enough on public transportation, I don't think I could be comfortable with the Neverfull!
  4. That is true I didn't think of the opening. That would bug me.

    Hey!!! Yeah I tried them both and the sales lady sad the MM but I love big bags. Thanks.
  5. Price is so different.

    No second thought I will go for a Neo Cabby
  6. How about the Montorgueil GM??? LMK if you need some comparison pics :yes:
  7. I agree with princess_eab... the Cabby GM sounds like it would suit your uses better. The zipper is crucial when traveling. Good Luck on your decision!
  8. montorguil GM sounds good ?
  9. Oh Adis, what about the Palermo GM or Saleya GM...just trying to save you some $$ :okay:
  10. i'd go with the cabby, especially since it has a zip top and i'm always paranoid on public transportation lol.
  11. Between the cabby and the neverfull I would go with the cabby. The Saleya would also be a good choice.
  12. I prefer the Cabby GM ... because of the zipper closure and the long strap that can be used as cross-body ~ which should come in handy when taking the city bus!
  13. Have you considered the Saleya? I saw the pm version IRL the other day and it really is pretty!