Help me decide!!!!

  1. Okay. So I need help deciding between the new fendi petal spy (lilac), or the fendi cognac spy. I already have a fendi cognac hobo spy, though cognac is by far my favorite color I've seen on the spy bags. In general lilac is my favorite color, which is why I'm so excited about the petal spy. This is such a hard decision. Whatever one I don't get though, I'll just save up for purchase at a later date.
  2. If you plan to get both eventually, get the petal spy now as it is probably a seasonal colour.
  3. that's the way I'm leaning right now.
  4. if you will be getting both, then get the lilac first as the cognac is always there. but if you are only getting one of them then i think cognac is a better choice as it is so easy to match.
  5. 100% fendi petal spy (lilac), you already have cognac colored bag. have some fun!
  6. Since you already have the cognac hobo I would get the lilac.
  7. I think that the cognac spies are so beautiful and though I'm not a huge fan of the lilac, I say go for the lilac since you already have a cognac in a different style.
  8. The petal.