Help me decide

  1. i am thinking of placing a bid for this demin, i am not a small bag kind of gal but i need a cute bag so if i am going out with my husband or girlfriend. What do you think of this?
  2. soooo cute! and not the usual little bag, very different, in a good way!
  3. I LOVE that bag!! Have you tried it on IRL?? It looks great but doesn't hold much. Oh..and the drop is nice!! It's definately an evening bag. How much are they asking??
  4. $200, i wish i could see a pic of someone modelling it
  5. That is adorable. Definitely a going out bag. If its a good price, go for it!
  6. real rich looking & beautiful!! won't hold much but hey, when you go out all you need is your ID, some cash, maybe a credit card, powder, lipstick. That's all you need in your evening bag anyway so go for it! when you're having fun you don't want to carry a lot.
  7. Anyone seei it in person or own it?
  8. i am thinking of wearing it with jean and a white tee, i should be fine. right?
  9. Oh Yeah!!! And $200 is a great price for that bag. I think it was around $400 wasn't it?? Yes...I tried it on but there was another bag I was getting and I couldn't justify both.
  10. definitely!! i think it's reeeally pretty. do you know the dimensions? i dont know how much it could hold, but probably enough for a night out. great find!!
  11. ok ladies i am going to go ahead and place a bid, my husband said he likes it but then aagin he will said anything to shut me up.
  12. Oh I didn't even know this came in denim , it sounds really cute
  13. I think she meant demi. ;)
  14. This bag was at my outlet in black and the brown. I love it, but it is a little heavy, believe it or not! But I think it's so adorable for evening.
  15. I think it's cute!