Help me decide!!!!!


Which should I get?

  1. Miranda Earrings

  2. Heart Earrings

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  1. My DH called me and asked me what I wanted for Valentines day!!!:yahoo:
    I had sent him an email about the coach sterling Heart earrings. He said to resend it and he would order them for me. Now I think I might want the Miranda earrings. I don't know which ones to tell him.
    I haven't figured out how to set up a poll. So could my fellow Coachies help me decide which pair I shuold ask for?:girlsigh:
    Thanks, Carley
  2. Here is the Heart earrings!!!

  3. I like the heart ones better for myself.. but I don't do big earrings so.. I am biased. how big are the miranda?
  4. I love the Miranda! Classy, yet bold. Gold is so hot right now too. Yeah, love the gold. The hearts are cute, but after Tiffany and CO came out with their heart's seems kinda over done now. Of course, this is just my opinion. Do what makes you happiest. Good luck :woohoo:
  5. If you wear yellow gold, I would go for the Mirandas. They're really nice - I wish they came in silver. I only wear white metals, but I would get these over the little heart ones if they were available in silver. I didnt look at the price but those other ones are tiny, and rather Tiffany-inspired. Whch is not a bad thing - I might even get them at some point as every day earrings. I guess it depends what you are looking for - every day little earrings, or "wow" earrings, although if you have a mop of hair like me, then these would be everyday earrings too since earrings dont show very well on me!
  6. That is a good question. :confused1: I don't know how big the miranda earrings are. Does anyone know?
  7. I like the hearts better, but someone else here got them and they are really small. :yes:
  8. The hearts. I think the Miranda earrings look kind of...ghetto...
  9. brtalangel...I thought about that too. I have one of those tiffany heart necklaces.
  10. That's really weird that does not list the size.. it just says their small size.. I guess if you look at them compared to the hook they aren't too big.. maybe if you call jax they can tell you the measurements? :shrugs:
  11. :nuts::roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  12. Tough call! I voted for Miranda. The heart earrings are cute, esp. for a V-day gift. Do you usually wear gold or silver? I usually wear silver, but I sometimes wear gold and love the style of the Miranda earrings better. Although, I tend to go for more "funky" earrings usually!
  13. donnalynn...I wear both gold and silver. I wear silver more when I am going some place casual.
    I have short blonde hair.

  14. So if I got those I would be ghetto?! Interesting! I've been called a lot of things in my life but never ghetto!;)
  15. Well if you want them for casual, go w/the silver. If you want them for dressier, go w/the gold! Either way you cant go wrong - if think they are both cute. Hey how about showing DH both and let him decide!