Help me decide!

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  1. I love the eugenie!!!! Its beautiful!
  2. Oh thats a tough call!
  3. Oh gosh, that is a toughie as they both are beautiful.

    I'd probably go for the Epi Pochette Wallet in Cassis because I like the look of the dark purple just a tad bit more.
  4. ^^^I agree I looked at both and prefer the cassis pochette wallet:heart:
  5. pochette...
  6. eugeani its so beautiful
  7. between those two. i prefer the eugenie:yes: it just stand out more;) GL deciding!
  8. I'd go with the eugenie - I love the style and the grenade is great :biggrin:
  9. Pochette wallet would be my choice - and the colour is TDF
  10. Eugenie!! It's gorgeous!
  11. definitely the eugenie!
  12. Thanks all! :smile: I wonder if there will be a pink epi .. awwww
  13. I prefer the pochette. I don't care for the push lock on the Eugenie.
  14. I prefer the pochette...