Help me decide!!

  1. I'm back to LV! :yes: I really love damier and I sold both of my damier bags since they weren't shoulder bags, but I really long for a damier bag. I'm thinking Hampstead MM, I'm so bummed cause the price went up (anyone remember what it was before just so I can torture myself). The Neverfull, I heard comes out June 1, who knows, and that's a long while away. So what should I do, buy the Hampstead or wait for the neverfull (alot cheaper). :shrugs: Also feel free to list any pros or cons about the bags. TIA!
  2. The azur Hampstead comes out in March, if you're interested. I am waitlisted for this bag, but I don't know if I'll ever get over the open-top feature of the bag. If it's the ebene color you want, perhaps the Saleya MM as a shoulder bag? I have the Damier Highbury and it is a wonderful shoulder bag but it just went up to $1640 so that is a bit steep. Good luck with your decision!!
  3. I like the Hampstead. I also think the Neverfull may be interesting (although I don't like the Neverfull at all in the mono).
  4. I like the Hampstead.
  5. for damier ebony since both is open top bag i'll get the neverfull as it's less expensive :biggrin: personally i'm not a fan of the side studs on hampstead, do not think i'll like the look of the bag when it's undone. lol but i do like hampstead in azur's look :p

    for damier ebony shoulder bag i prefer saleya pm or mm. cheaper than hampstead and comes with zip top :smile:.
  6. I prefer the Neverfull!
  7. wow, very different views there! I definitely want the ebene, I have an azur speedy. I think I'll go investigate saleya mm pics now, I know the pm's handles are too short to wear over a coat.
  8. I'm waiting on the Neverfull to get a Damier shoulder bag...
  9. I couldn't find saleya mm modeling pics. Are the handles long enough to go over a coat?
  10. Go with the Neverfull!
  11. would you consider a marais???
    hampstead is great IMO...neverful is something we all love but if you are not willing to wait go for the hampstead!
  12. Hamstead...less peeps have it, but more of a winter bag perhaps?
  13. I really like the hampstead!
  14. For cost reasons, I'd say the Neverfull, such an easy bag to deal with.