Help me decide!

  1. So I need a new bag and I'm pulling my hair out trying to decide what to get. So far my handbag collection consist of two Coach leather Carlys, brown and black, and a wine Matinee. Since I dont have a lot of bags I want my next few colors to be very versatile. I want to get a MAM, or one of her spring bags. I like the Steady and the Market Bag but I would need a color that I can wear with a lot of different color clothing. Any ideas:idea:?
  2. If you tend to wear different colored clothing, then stick with something hazelnut, stone, night.....
  3. ^^ Yes a neutral color is what I'm looking for.
  4. Yellow is a surprisingly versatile color that can work as a neutral. It looks great with browns, but equally good with grays and black, really great with white, and contrasts well with other bright colors like cobalt, navy, fuschia and leaf green.
  5. I think the sterling color will be a great neutral...from how I've heard it described, it's kind of a metallic taupe, which is a surprisingly versatile and wearable color.
  6. The color "Dusty" might be another looks like a gorgeous latte/creme shade! And the leather looks luscious!
  7. i really like the sage or the grey.

  8. Dusty is one of the top colors I was thinking of :tup:
  9. Does the tangerine seem like it would go with a lot? It seems gorgeous, but I don't wear a lot of orange. Would it look too Halloween with black, like a black jacket? The dusty is also really nice, but I'm thinking about a MAM or a Plan B, so...:shrugs: I'm thinking the violet might be rather versatile as well. It's hard to tell when not in person, but the color looks really rich, like navy blue but purple instead.
  10. Navy Blue, Espresso, Dark Gray, Green, and Wine are gorgeous and vibrant RM colors that are very versatile!
  11. I totally agree...yellow is a great neutral. I bought a yellow HH last year and I'm amazed at how great it looks with everything. And in the RM yummy leathers? It would be a DREAM!