Help me decide

  1. I am seriously thinking of selling my Manhattan PM to get a Chanel bag that I really really want. I've had the Manhattan for a month maybe and I haven't fallen in love with it yet.
    Should I keep the Manhattan and try to fall in love with it or should I just sell it and get the Chanel? HELP!!! :confused1:
  2. if you haven't fallen in lvoe with the manhattan, then sell it to fund for your soul mate.
  3. Definitely sell it if you don't absolutely love it! and the Chanel will be so worth it!
  4. wich Chanel are you thinking of? if it's flap, definitely go for it :yes:
  5. I'm not sure what the purse is called but I posted a picture.
    I think the reason that I just can't love the Manhattan is because when I put it down on a table or chair it falls over. The pocket hardware is to heavy for the bag. I know it silly but it aggravates me :cursing: I just took some pictures and I am going to put them on eBay but I just can't :shrugs:
  6. Oooh that's the GST ... yes, sell it if you haven't fall in love with it ... that Chanel is tdf!
  7. Oh, the GST! I returned my white GST because it was just too heavy and boxy for me. However, it is a GORGEOUS bag!

    If you love it, though, I would buy the Chanel NOW because their prices of classics are just going to go up and up and up! They already had a major price increase in the past few months!
  8. do whatever your heart really DESIRES... ;)
  9. I have the smaller version of the GST and I love mine. I say if you really love another bag you will continue to think about it and want it... SO, I think you should sell your Manhattan to fund the bag that you REALLY want. It will well worth it in the long run! Good Luck with your decision!!
  10. i LOVE chanel.. and i'm not a fan of manhattan.. so my choice is obvious =P
    but.. if you get to.. get the classic flap.. those are just TDF.. more so than the PST/GST... in my opinion..
  11. GST and PST are both very functional bag can be dress up or down depends on the color. I'd go w/GSTor PST instead of Manhattan b/c it's vachetta free and easier to use.
  12. Chanel 100% b/c it sounds like you never did love the increases at Chanel are PSYCHOOOOO!!

  13. The Manhattan is now on eBay and I am 1 step closer to Chanel! Can you post a pic of the classic flap for me so that I can see it. TIA! :smile: