Help me decide!!

  1. I am wanting to buy a basic black bag that I can use regularly... hip, but not so trendy that I can't use it in the future. I love everything from the Kooba Sienna to the Chloe Silverado satchel (which I can't seem to find in black!) I am trying to stay under $1500 -- just wanted to see what you all think because I can't make up my mind!!
  2. black epi louis vuitton. classic.

    anything else, the choles, koobas, etc are much too trendy and will lose their value. go for an epi speedy or epi alma. trust me, you'll be happy in 10 years
  3. I have the Epi Lussac (which I think is discontinued, but am obsessed with -- plus it fits my laptop). I am actually looking for something a little less structured than the Epi line... I don't need to keep using this purse 10 years from now... I just don't want to buy a purse that I can't use next year... Other than that, I would completely agree with you!!
  4. What about a classic chanel bag?
  5. yes, the chanel Cerf :heart:
  6. AND also love the Mulberry black's classic but not too much!
  7. i hadn't thought of the Chanel tote - I really like that idea, thanks! I do like the Bayswater too, but I'm not too crazy about the black w/ the brown...
  8. I would go for a Chanel tote. Others to consider are a Balenciaga city or purse, YSL muse (but is maybe too structured), Ferragamo Gancio (again maybe too structured), MJ Stella, Sophia, Blake, most Mulberry -- while many are considered "in" bags, I think they have longevity (at least I hope so, because I have a lot of them -- as well as two black epi bags). I would look at people's showcases. That really helped me make my decisions.