Help Me Decide!

  1. Stam of course!
  2. I love them both, the Stam might be more classic though...I love the look of them both in darker colors, since I live in fear of white/light bags!!
  3. I actually like the Michael Kors....definitly different, unique
  4. this is a hard one, but im gonna have to say the stam
  5. Stam. :smile:
  6. I like the stam best. Both are beautiful though. Enjoy your purchase!
  7. Yep, Stam for me as well!
  8. yummmy- I lovvvveee the patchwork stam. Just gorgeous! I like the MK, but feel like it's too too close to the Chanel modern chain/luxury ligne (which I prefer and see as the original version of the woven chain in the bag). I also like it better in darker colors-not so much the ivory. So I would go with the stam, hand down. I feel it's a classic bag that's worth being a closet staple well before and well after being an "it" bag.
  9. I like the Michael Kors. The white scares me though!
  10. I like the Michael Kors with the chain, the second bag. To me the Stam looks as if it is trying to be a Chanel but just doesn't quite make it.

  11. Between these two, the Stam - very classic (and probably better resale value, if you care about that) and I love it in the Ivory color!!
  12. Anything by Marc Jacobs. MK not my favorite...not as high quality IMO.