Help me decide....

  1. I have one of my lv bags on eBay.. Should it sell i'm looking to purchase a coach handbag...

    these are may choice... please give me your thoughts and reasons why...

    Denim satchel, Med brown Carly, Brown/Bronze signature tote.
    11183_BDEWT-1_d2.jpg brown1.jpg sign stripe tote1.jpg
  2. Im a huge fan of the carly.
  3. I agree, definitely the Carly. I don't think you'd regret it. I had the denim satchel but ended up returning it.
  4. Love the carly!
  5. I'd go with the Carly or the tote :yes:
  6. carly. dont really like denim and the tote doesnt zip.
  7. Wow tons of carly fans :smile:

    ^ as for no zip that doesnt bother me, My Bh doesnt have a zip and I'm ok with it. Thanks for the thought though.
  8. Carly is my first choice and tote is my 2nd. I have both and love 'em....but the Carly fits much better on my shoulder than the tote. And I do like the zipper on the Carly. Have you seen the khaki/bronze Carly? I like that color combo. I have the khaki/gold and love the glitz. Let us know what u decide!:smile:
  9. this one ?
  10. They are such different bags that it is hard to say. The satchel isn't as comfortable on the shoulder and is a crook of the arm or hand bag. The tote is more structured and harder to carry on the shoulder. The Carly is a more casual bag that fits easily on the shoulder because of the slouch. So it really depends on what you want/need it for.

    The Carly would be the most comfortable for me to carry, but I think the denim satchel is really eye-catching, too. There is a woman in town with one and I admire the bag everytime I see her carrying it.
  11. ^^ No real reason for any of the bags other then I like the styles.
    No worries about the satchel being hand held thats ok with me.
  12. That's the one! I am more paranoid carrying my khaki Carly than my bronze tote, though, I can fit a lot more stuff in the tote. But the Carly is just so dang cute! I love how it is casual yet so chic. I guess I love 'em in different ways....but Carly still gets my number 1 vote. And the chocolate one you want is a really nice color.
  13. ^^ great, thanks. I'm not sure I want a light bag like above but for sure the chocolate or black.
  14. I like the Carly and the tote equally. The tote is easy to carry when you want to just toss stuff in quickly since there is no zipper. The shape of the Carly is maybe more dressy looking. You cant go wrong with either in the chocolate sig.
  15. thank you...