help me decide...?

  1. I'm getting nervous about my White Ali. I haven't used her yet but I'm so paranoid that I'm going to get her dirty! I'm thinking about returning her and getting a Natural Ali instead... any thoughts?!?!

    Is a White Ali really that hard to keep clean???

  2. I had a white leather/Khaki handbag and the white leather looks great after using it. Just be careful where you set it down. I wear prewashed jeans and never had any dye transfers. I never let my Coach bags touch the floor- always in my lap, shoulder or seat. If you take care of her there should be no problems! Love your new handbag and don't be afraid to use her!! She is Beautiful.
  3. I'm usually pretty careful with my bags and don't put them on the ground EVER.. I think I've just been reading too many horror stories of dye transfers etc on white ali's :p :shame:

    Thanks for the input... I do love her... so perhaps I'll keep her... :love:
  4. Keep her and enjoy her! I just bought one too and tend to be a bit OCD about keeping my bags pristine. Although I would usually shy away from this bag for fear of ruining her, she was just too gorgeous to pass up. We are both so lucky to have found them and at such great prices! Do not return...I think you will regret it!
  5. The natural can get dirty/have color transfer issues too. Keep the White if it's really the color you want. You won't be happy with anything else.