Help Me Decide!!

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  1. Ok. I'm a newbie.. YAY. This is my first "post" i guess you call it. Anyways, I'm wanting to buy my first LV bag and I can't decide between a Speedy 35 or 40. I'm a large purse girl, and the purse I am carrying right now is the Dooney and Bourke Medium Doodle Duffle, which is 15.5" long. I'm leaning more towards the 40, but everyone says its HUGE [even though i love big purses]. When you carry the speedy purses, do they stretch out over time? Ahh I can't decide. Can you all help me please? Thanks!!
  2. I like larger bags as well and I have the speedy 30. I just found the 35 to be too big it just doesn't fall right I don't know and yes the 40 is huge. The 30 was much larger than I thought. You really need to go to the store and try out each size. That's what I did.
  3. I agreed - 40 is way too big even though I am a fan of BIG bag... I would go with 30 or 35. :smile:
  4. IMO I think the Speedy 30 would be good for you. It holds alot. You could go on to the Louis Vuitton forum and check out the threads there. It should give you some idea of what it will hold.
  5. Thanks everyone. I really appreciate it!!
  6. I would get the Speedy 30. The 35 is really like almost an overnight bag size. You can fit a lot in the 30.
  7. I really like the 30, and I love big bags too! So I would go with the 30 or 35. Let us know what you decide! :smile:
  8. i think the speedy 30 is the perfect size
  9. I have the Speedy 30 and IMO, that is the perfect size. You would definately get more opinions on the LV threads :yes:...
  10. i love big bags, but for handheld i prefer my speedy to be 25, 30 tops.
    although for shoulder bags, i'd go for bigger.