Help me decide


Which red bag ?

  1. Jumbo Red Flap I have

  2. Hidden Chain Flap I want

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  1. I have the JUMBO RED flap with the bijoux chain.
    I love it, than I don't. Than I want to get rid of it and then I don't.
    I am so loving the Hidden Chain Flap in red and I prefer this less structured bag over the structured bag. I don't think I am a classic flap girl..
    The chain on the red jumbo flap is to long for me and hard to shorten- chains slide to keep it at a certain length, but the strap on the hidden chain I would like if it was a little longer. I love the red better on the hidden chain..Oh woes me, what is a girl to do.
    I don't need 2 red bags at all- I got to get rid of one to get the other..
    Help me out...:cursing:
  2. oooh addi,, I would most definately keep the Jumbo lol

    The hidden chain just feels bad imo, like it is not one thing or the other! It is not tactile and yet still feels quite structured for a slouch bag, and feels quite ridgy. Plus I found the strap length to be really not useful.

    I would keep keep keep Jumbo :biggrin:
  3. here are pictures

  4. Not everyone loves the classic flaps and thats okay...get what you like. Good luck!
  5. the jumbo for sure, DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW TDF THAT JUMBO FLAP IS! :graucho: practically everyone i know is eying and looking for it!! keep it please, the hidden chain isn't that TDF honestly ya know imo. keep the flap keep it! the price hike is nearing! :p
  6. Okay I have seen both.... and KEEP the jumbo:hysteric:
  7. yeah I do know how bad everyone wants one- thats why I still keep holding onto it. I got the rarest of rare
    One sold on eBay last week with a BIN of 3000.00 a fellow pf'r I believe.
    I think it had only been listed an hour or so before it was gone
    The temptation.......
  8. Did you post pics...I can't see them...
  9. Red Jumbo is to die for, keep it!!!
  10. Red JUMBO!
  11. the pics did not load
    here they are
    red jumbo first picture
    hidden chain 2nd picture- taken from the reference library
    DSC00092.JPG 10-12-07_1930.jpg
  12. If you don't absolutely love the jumbo all of the time, I'd get another red bag. But I don't like the hidden chain's strap at all and think that it would limit how often you wear it. I really do love the look of it otherwise...tough call!
  13. red jumbo definetly
  14. I love the hidden chain, but to me, it's SOOOO different than the Jumbo.
    I'm going through a similar dilemma because I want a big, black Chanel.
    I was originally on the Cabas, but now I'm leaning towards that big flap from the Le Marais line. Very similar in shape to the red hidden chain you just posted.
    My debate is the same as yours.
    For the money, I think the flap is more practical.
    It can go from casual to dressy where I think the Hidden Chain is really more of a casual "daily wear" kind of bag, like the Le Marais...

    I guess in the end you have to buy what you LOVE.
    It's a lot of money for either bag.
    I think in the end I'll end up with the Le Marais because I just don't see myself as a jumbo type of girl and maybe you're not either?
  15. T, I gotta do a 180 on you. Earlier I said go for the hidden chain bla bla bla, and then i see pics here and i gotta vote for keeping the jumbo. For some reason i thought you had the jumbo in lambskin, but the one you have in caviar with that cool new chain is TDF. KEEEEEPPPPPPP it. Is it so bad to have 2 red bags:graucho:?