Help me decide..


Which one would you choose?

  1. Omega Speedmaster

  2. Rolex Datejust

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  1. Hey Guys,

    I am having a hard time deciding between these two beautiful watches. My beloved fiancé knows how much I love watches and wants to get me a new one as a gift for my birthday along with a trip to New Zealand. I already have a Cartier Roadster, Cartier Tank Francaise, Omega Seamaster, and a Tag Kirium. I have narrowed it down to the Rolex Datejust Midsize and the Omega Speedmaster. I have never really like diamonds in my watch, but really love the look of the Omega Speedmaster in Diamonds. I really want something that is timeless and elegance.

    Pro for the Omega
    • Definitely unique looking
    • To me, it has a lot of character
    • Love the chronograph

    Pro for the Rolex
    • Holds its value
    • Very recognizable
    • Never own one
    omega.jpg rolex1.jpeg
  2. rolex, just because. lol
  3. ITA, Rolex! Esp. if you don't have one yet.
  4. In terms on looks I like the Omega better. The Rolex looks like a men's watch.
  5. since you already have the omega, you'll never go wrong with a rolex.
  6. Omega looks more feminine in my does it compare in looks to the others you have?
  7. I voted for the Rolex.I am getting the midsize one. I think it is a beautiful watch. Good luck with your decision!!!!
  8. Omega
  9. Yeah I think Omega always looks more feminine
  10. All my watches are very feminine. The Omega Speedmaster is definitely very different from all my other watches. Both the Omega Speedmaster and the Rolex Datejust looks very masculine in my opinion, but I have always love guys watches. I would like get diamonds in the Rolex to make it look more feminine, but I am afraid it will look too flashy.

    Peppermintpatty - which one are you going to get?
  11. another vote for rolex
  12. Go the Omega! I'm a sucker for diamonds and the Rolex looks a little too masculine :p
  13. I like the Omega a lot.
  14. I would go for the Rolex and add the diamond dial, that version looks MUCH for feminine imo. I am getting a lady datejust with diamond dial and it really isnt flashy at all, especially comapred to the full diamond bezel on the Omega. Both the Omega and Rolex with roman face have a masciline feel imo also but the Omega is made more feminine with the diamond bezel but the other aspects of the watch trible crown, chunky face, and the multiple dials on the face make it look for masciline to me. Have you tried the ladies Rolex datejust with diamond dial?...its really beuatiful!
  15. I haven't tried on the ladies Rolex datejust because I prefer a chunkier watch. All, with the exception of my Cariter Roadster (36 mm) which I wear and love the most, are all 26 mm in diameters. I don't wear the other watches anymore because I think they are too small.

    Thank you for everyone's inputs! I really appreciate it. So after thinking more about it and doing more researched, I narrow it down to:

    • the Rolex - which I think will always be timeless
    • Chopard Mille Miglia in leather or steel case with or w/out diamonds
    I don't know. What do you guys like better?

    I'm going to the jeweler and try it on and see it myself next week.
    Chopard1.jpeg Chopard2.jpg Chopard3.jpg