help me decide!

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  1. I've been eyeing the mini lin speedy for a while now but a part of me loves the damier azur speedy also. I'm torn b/t the two but i'm leaning more towards the mini lin speedy. I'm a little iffy on the color of the damier azur since it seems to be a summer color more then the mini lin. For the owners of both, what are the pros and cons? Any suggestions are welcomed =)
  2. I LOVE the Mini Lin Speedy. I love that there is no Vachetta to worry about, and you still get the LV logo. I also love how lightweight it is. It is very durable and waterproof.

  3. the dune color looks fab also..but i'd get it dirty in a second =p
  4. The mini lin is great.
  5. I want both of these too........ get Mini Lin for the fall, and Damier Azur in the spring!!!
  6. i was deciding between both, too, and i went with the mini lin...I LOVE IT! it's the best bag ever! get the mini lin!
  7. i don't have a mini lin, so i have no advice one those. i do have a damier azur speedy. and i love it. i wear it year round. it especially looks great with denim.
  8. OMG! You gotta get the mini lin! I didnt like it the first time but now I cant get it off my arm! Its such a beauty! The only LV bag that my DH actually likes. So so pretty!
  9. If you're leaning towards the mini lin, I say go for it! It's a beautiful bag!
  10. mini lin now ... azur later:graucho:
  11. I saw a girl with the mini lin last night in Nordie' was so pretty. I never saw one being carried. It looked really nice. I'd go for that now and azur in the spring.
  12. go for the azur its subttle and chic...
  13. I have to say I like the mini lin better then the azur. I bought an azur speedy 30, a pochette, and a pochette cles.. I sold them about 5 months later.
  14. OMG! i was debating between the same thing. idk! i like the mini lin (dark) and the damier speedy as welllll.. not sure where i'm going with this. but i really like the mini lin, price isn't bad either !
  15. I have a mini mono piece not min lin. It is so luxurious! Since the weave is not fine and there is color variation dirt isn't going to be really obvious. My piece is light khaki and dirty but it is hard to see where the dirt is!

    Canvas is more practical but you still have to worry about the naked leather.

    Which speedy would round out your collection best?