Help me decide....


What bag should I get first?

  1. MJ Stam in Putty/Black/Ivory

  2. MJ Ines in Peanut

  3. Chanel Timeless Clutch in Black

  4. YSL Patent Muse in Black

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  1. Please help me decide which bag I should get. If possible please state the reasons why you think should get that bag.

    Well, I was thinking about getting a Stam in Putty/Black/Ivory but then I've read that it might be too heavy especially in the Putty colour with the suede lining. So I'm on the fencing about it now because of the weight issue but I love the design.

    Then I saw a picture of Christina Aguilera with a peanut Ines and I was like 'wow' :nuts: but I'm also wondering if this bag is on the heavy side too.

    And before I any of this I wanted a Chanel Black Clutch or a YSL Black Patent Muse. :sweatdrop:

    I think I have a serious addiction here but I want something in patent black or a neutral colour because most of my bags are dark coloured atm.
  2. Oh yes, the peanut INES!!!!!
    It is so gorgeous, that it puts your other choices to shame (Just kidding!)
    But I do love it best.
  3. i chose the ines. i never paid much attention to this bag until i saw christina aguilera carrying it, and i had pretty much the same reaction as you did. it's a great looking bag!

    for a minute, i was torn between the chanel clutch and the ines, but then i got to thinking: if you're going to be paying about $2k for a bag, you should be able to use it all the time, day or night. the clutch is too small and has no handles, which makes it less functional when compared to the ines. why pay that much for a bag when it's going to spend a good chunk of time in the closet? as beautiful as it is, i could never justify buying it for that very reason.

    tough poll though. you have great taste, so whatever your choice may be, you'll still be carrying something hot!
  4. the MJ black stam is a classic bag. i love mine. i know thats not really a good enough reason, but i am totally biased when it comes to handbags; i love marc :smile:
  5. I voted for the Stam because I still think it's just the epitome of all MJ bags. It's so classy and timeless. You'll get a lot of use out of it. Plus I think compared to the Ines, it's not much heavier. You're going to get a relatively heavy bag either way.

    You've selected gorgeous colors for the Stam too so you can't go wrong. And I agree with tadpolenyc that no matter which bag you end up with, they're all winners!
  6. I voted for the Ines~ I too saw the pics of xtina and LOVED this bag! I may get one in the future too!:tup:
  7. The Ines is HOT!!!:drinkup:
  8. javaboo go with a stam or ines, the stam is def. not as heavy as it used to be, the inside of most stams is now fabric, not suede, so alot of the heaviness is gone and also the gold chain has been hollowed out, on all the recent chain bags so it's also made the mj bags less heavy.

    however I would like to make a suggestion that you DO NOT get it any of the colors you have listed. If you have pretty bags in lots of darker colors, then what's the point of getting another bag that will just blend in. You need color and there is no better bag than the stam to get a punch of color, while everyone else may have black, putty or brown yours will really stand-out, which is why I'm holding out for a topaz stam.

    either way, good luck getting what you desire. let us know when you get it.
  9. a Chanel clutch will NEVER go out of fashion. You'll use it the rest of your life, whereas you might use the others for a few years.
  10. ^ that's certainly true, but i don't even get much use out of my chanel flap bag. it's too small for work and school. i'll only use it for nights out, and even then, i don't go out that often. i think the flap bags are more versatile than the clutch too.
  11. Thanks ladies for your input. I just had an up close look at the Stam and The Kid this weekend and I think they are too big and too small for me. The Ines looked nice but my friend was saying it looked like a granny bag (I guess we all have our opinions). I have a Chanel flap already but I'm getting the patent clutch soon. I think I'll probably go with the Ines if I can find one in Florida on my vacation in two weeks.

    Do you know if the Ines will go on sale by then? I guess not right because I think its a new style?
  12. Hey javaboo - had I not read your last post I would have voted for putty stam. That being said I love the idea of a chanel evening bag. Since it seems like the chanel bag is already in your future I would go with the peanut ines.