help me decide!

  1. so I was browsing Coach's website and decided to ditch the large black carly for the chocolate....possibly. It's so...yummy :heart:

    BUT then I got to looking @ the Leigh Signature pocket flap in chocolate and can't decide between the two! Which one would you choose?

    I'm also debating if I should get the Ali in Whiskey on eBay...hmmmmmm
  2. as an owner of 2 carly's, i'm gonna have to say carly...all the way.

    however, the leigh and the carly are 2 totally different bags, so you have to decide what style you are wanting more.
  3. I agree that they are completely different types of bags, I currently have the carly and absolutely love her! She does take a little bit to get used to, but she can hold alot (even the medium) and the chocolate is beautiful.
  4. I love my medium carly, so I may be biased....but the color of the chocolate and the shape of the carly go so well together.
  5. carly!
  6. I love the Carly in signature and the Leigh in leather. Both are great choices! I'm a little partial to the Carly (I have the med in Choc sig)!
  7. I'm not any help because I'm trying to decide the same thing myself! I think I do prefer the Leigh in leather and the carly in signature. They are just really different in styles.

    I think the carly bags will be here for awhile so if you decide you really like the Leigh bag then you might want to get it while it is still good and available. I always wait too long on the bags I like and then can't get them!
  8. I love the Leigh and I think it looks great in the choc. signature. Not really a fan of Carly anymore...