help me decide!

  1. So i've heard all this talk about how the speedy is such a timeless bag and normally i'm not a hand held kinda girl....but I think i've fallen in :heart:....Only problem is...i'm 5'3" and am not sure if the 25 or 30 will fit me better (there are no boutiques or anything here that sell LV so all I have is pics to look at online)

    Any suggestions? And i'm leaning towards eBay for my purchase because I love the "pre-loved" handles, rather than the straight out of the box white ones. :drool:

    Point me in the right direction!:nuts:
  2. I personally would vote for the 30. I just like that size a little better than the 25, regardless of the size of the person.
  3. Is there a huge size difference between the 2?
  4. Here are the dimensions of the 30: 12"L x 8"H x 6.5"W
    And the 25: 10"L x 7"H x 6"W

    So the 25's not that much smaller than the 30, but for some reason it just looks much smaller to me, and for the money, I'd rather have a slightly larger bag. I have 2 30's and I love them!! Plus, IMO, the 30 looks good on everyone, whereas the 25 tends to look small except on the very petite. Just my opinion though!!
  5. hmmmmm....
  6. i had the same dilemma. i'm 5ft1 and went for the mono 25 coz it can be both a day and night/formal bag..also you can fit a LOT in a 25 (has room for my baby's diaper/wipes and my stuff + still have room) i think a 30 will be in my future though:graucho:

    i suggest you take a look at the speedy gonzalez club thread...there's lots of modeling pics to help you decide for size and wet you appetite...i know it did me
  7. I am 5'2" and I have both sizes! I like big bags, so I use the 30 way more then the 25!
  8. i'm 5'2 and love the speedy 25. i thought the speedy 30 was too big for me but thats my opinion.
  9. I think you should go for the 30!!!:tup:
  10. Oh Gosh, don't buy from eBay!

    I'd only get mine from a boutique or Eluxury. I've had my speedy for less than a year and the handles are already turning darker.
  11. I am 5'3 and I have two 30's
  12. 30
  13. I am 5'1'' and have a 30 and I love the way it looks. As far as buying it, I would buy it from elux... If you use it everyday, the handles will turn dark in no time.
  14. I'd go for the 30!:yes:
  15. I love the 30 on girls of all sizes, I think the shape and the sag looks great. Decide if you like the sag or not. The 25 has a lot less sag to it than the 30.