Help me decide...

  1. they are both so different.....but...I think I would go for the MJ.
  2. Depends on what your using it for. If your going to carry a lot of stuff then I would think the Anna Corinna bag is a better bet. If your not a hauler then I'd say the MBYMJ bag is really cute!! I'm loving that stone color!
  3. I love the Mimi!
  4. I like the MJ bag
  5. Thanks for your help so far everyone.
  6. I would go with the MbyMJ (perhaps a different bag) because I think the quality is a little better, IMO. I may be wrong, but I inspected AC bender bag at Bloomies this past weekend and was not impressed with the hardware. It seemed like the hardware was about to rust or peel off. I would only buy the AC on sale.
  7. I love the Anna C. definetly
  8. I like the Anna C.
  9. the Anna one! :smile:
  10. I usually love MJ, but would go for the AC bag in this case.
  11. The Marc Jacobs is made better than the Anna corrina Bender bag. I didn't care much for the quality of the leather. Also the Brass things make the bag look cheap.
  12. I say the MJ. The AC looks like a pain to get in and out of.
  13. MJ hands down. The first is an awkward shape. I agree, it looks like it would be hard to get things in and out of.
  14. I like the Anna C....but that's just me-I love big bags.