help me decide?

  1. the problem with being a haute couturess is that haute couture is so one-of-a-kind and once you wear it, that is pretty much it, everybody knows where you wore it and it is on to the next...very hard on the pocketbook so i always look for deals and steals...

    so i have a charity ball coming up soon and i need something new but not more than 1,000 or so....if i post some i would love some opinions.....i have to be very elegant but do not want to look like a frumpy dodo either LOL. i want to cover up my upper arms but not wear a little jacket or anything, to me that says mumsy all the way.

    ok, be honest...does this look like a prom dress??? :sad:
    i am having trouble pasting...will have to try again...
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  3. or this?
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  4. i know they don't cover the arm/shoulder but i could always do a chiffonish stole, it is just imperative i don't look trashy and i am aiming for elegant chic...
  5. this one is very wang but kinda plain..
  6. this one i love but not sure is it too far out...gaultier.


  7. this one i also love but it is black velvet...too early in the season....and does it look like a pageant gown? i must not look silly.

    (darn having pic probs)
  8. [​IMG]
  9. I love the green one, the burgundy one is my next fave. The black with the sparkles looks over the top. I do like the Gaulthier, it's not too much, but you'd have to have a perfect body, it looks good on the model, but even on the mannequin, the hips are too accentuated.
  10. *sigh* i am out of ideas.
  11. queenD, thanks....i am a huge fan of alterations and i do not have a perfect bod, so i'd have a bra support sewn in and maybe close it up a little....i love to take a basic fantastic item and make it my own.
  12. if i could find something black and beaded/sequined that covered me up enough but also looked sexy that would be perfect...this is a creme de la creme event...think melania trump-ish although i am more conservative than she.
  13. i'd love a black halter dress like the black versace one...let me see if i can find it.

    otherwise i am leaning towards this amsale has fantastic color like a jewel.
    [​IMG][​IMG] Large
  14. this is the versace one...i'd have to add something at the top, maybe a black beaded trim or something subtle but that would cover my ample bosom lol.